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5 Day Intensive Stuttering Therapy Clinic

The Stutter-Free Speech Program - How It Works

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I know you want to know how this program works an how you can learn to stop stuttering.

That's why I'm going to give you a description each of the five days of the Stutter-Free Speech Program. This is the same intensive therapy that I went through 25 years ago at the University of Pittsburgh where it was developed by Dr. George Shames, a famous Stuttering Specialist and Psychologist.

We begin on Monday, in my office in Newport Beach, California. Therapy is all individual - one to one with me. You need to be in the office for treatment for 2 hours each day - Monday through Friday for one week. When you're not in treatment, you're free to do whatever you want in sunny Southern California. Disneyland and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are just minutes away!

The whole idea of the therapy program is to replace your stuttering with a new way of talking. You probably know that stutterers don't stutter when they sing. Did you know that stuttering is reduced or eliminated during whispering, talking in a rhythm like with a metronome and speaking with an accent?

These all have one thing in common - - they change the way you talk. Unfortunately, they also don't sound very natural, so they are not too useful for conversation.

During this therapy program you learn a new way of speaking that sounds natural and you learn it so well that it becomes the way you talk.

Mark Power, M.A. CCC BRS-FD

Recovered Stutterer

Power Stuttering Therapy Center
Newport Beach, California

Phone: (949) 552-5523
Email: mpower@powerstuttering.com




Mark Power, MA, CCC


Mark was a severe stutterer himself for years before going through the stutter-reduction Speech Program. Now he is a Board Recognized Specialist in Stuttering dedicated to helping people who stutter.

Client Testimonial

"I stuttered for approximately 20 years before coming to the Power Stuttering Center. Speaking was horribly difficult, unpredictable, and embarrassing, especially in stressful situations. During my time in Mark’s program, I have learned to slow down, gather my thoughts into short phrases, and produce speech that is free from stuttering. Unlike stuttering programs popular years ago, Mark’s program is easy to follow and stress-free. My speech still sounds comfortable, controlled, and natural.

I no longer fear situations which paralyze most people who stutter, including talking on the telephone. The most difficult situations such as job interviews are no longer terrifying. I have even joined a local Toastmasters club where I am learning to speak in front of a group! The very thought of this used to paralyze me with a fear greater than any non-stutterer can understand.

Mark’s guidance along with my consistent work has lifted a tremendous burden off my shoulders and has given me vocal freedoms I have never known. I face the future speaking situations with confidence, knowing that I have nothing to fear."

- Bob Barber

You may or may not receive smilar results. Actual results depend on the effort of the individual.


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