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SpeechEasy® Devices

Pricing & Features

Pricing & Payment Options

  1. Payment plans up to 4 years through CareCredit Financing
  2. State of California Department of Rehabilitation may approve and fund the device to improve employment opportunities
  3. Full payment of the purchase price by check, Visa or MasterCard.

Features of the SpeechEasy®

SpeechEasy Features
Features & Pricing Definitions - click for more information

Warranty & Guarantee Information


The SpeechEasy® comes with a full year warranty on mechanical defects, during which time the Janus Development Group, Inc. will repair or replace the device as necessary at no charge.


There is a limited money-back guarantee regarding the client's satisfaction of the device. Janus Development Group, Inc. will refund 90% of the purchase price if it is returned undamaged within 60 days from the time you received the device (10% is retained for re-customizing a unit). < return to Home page

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Which SpeechEasy® Model is best for me?


Which model is best for you depends on several considerations. Look over the variations in the three models to help you decide. For those who want the device to be as inconspicuous as possible, obviously the CIC appears to be the best option (although it is priced slightly higher than the ITC). However, for some people with smaller ear canals, a CIC may not be a viable option. Also, some people may require or prefer the external gain control option provided in the ITC model. In our practice, most clients have chosen the CIC unit because it is the least noticeable.

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Completely In Canal (CIC) device

The CIC SpeechEasy® model is constructed to fit entirely within the ear. It is custom-molded to fit comfortably and unnoticeably when worn. Because it is so small, the volume control is pre-programmed into the device. This eliminates the need for external volume control. Each SpeechEasy® model is designed to improve the fluency of the wearer, not to improve hearing.




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In The Canal (ITC) device

The ITC SpeechEasy® model is designed to fit comfortably in ear canal with very little projecting into the outer ear. This model features a volume control that can be adjusted by the wearer. Children and adults with small ear canals may require the ITC model. Each SpeechEasy® model is designed to improve the fluency of the wearer, not to improve hearing.





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Behind The Ear (BTE) device

This device is similar in size and shape to traditional hearing aids that are worn behind the ear. Each SpeechEasy® model is designed to improve the fluency of the wearer, not to improve hearing.




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What are the effects of the SpeechEasy®?

The various models of SpeechEasy® units are designed to dramatically reduce stuttering. They employ altered auditory feedback in the form of auditory delays and frequency shifts to provide maximum long-term benefit to individuals who stutter. They are adjusted to fit in or behind the ear, and are to be worn like traditional hearing aids.

The SpeechEasy® is custom made for each client, and the amount of fluency generated will likely differ from person to person. The SpeechEasy® can provide noticeable and immediate results, regardless of other treatment methods being utilized. The SpeechEasy® can be used either in combination with traditional therapy approaches or by itself.

The most noticeable benefit is the remarkable reduction or elimination of stuttering in a short period of time. Once the individualized prescriptive settings are determined, usually within 20 to 90 minutes, the fluency effects can be dramatic. Other benefits include improved levels of confidence when using the device as well as cosmetic appeal. The device has no cumbersome equipment, and is virtually unnoticeable when worn in the ear canal.

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How do I get the SpeechEasy®?

Call (949) 552-5523 for an appointment.

Steps for purchasing a SpeechEasy® Fluency Device

The sequence of events to obtain the SpeechEasy® are as follows:
  1. Set up an appointment - Call (949) 552-5523
  2. We have our own audiologist on staff to meet with you
  3. Two hour appointment for the SpeechEasy® includes:
    • Stuttering evaluation
    • Device demonstration and counseling
    • Prescriptive Fitting of the SpeechEasy® for maximum fluency
    • Decision to purchase the SpeechEasy®
    • Remit payment for device
    • Follow up visit
  4. You receive your custom-fitted SpeechEasy®
  5. Please allow three weeks from your initial visit for processing in the lab

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Who is behind the SpeechEasy®?

Ten years of research by the Stuttering Research Group of the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders at East Carolina University, Greenville, NC provided the impetus for inventors Joseph Kalinowski, Ph.D., Andrew Stuart, Ph.D., and Michael Rastatter, Ph.D. to develop the SpeechEasy®. Its conception was based on 10 years of peer-reviewed scientific research on the fluency enhancing effects of altered auditory feedback in people who stutter.

The Janus Development Group, Inc. was formed to develop, manufacture, and market the SpeechEasy®. Based in Greenville, North Carolina, Janus Development Group, Inc. is dedicated to providing fluency and enhancing the lives of those who stutter. The SpeechEasy® devices of Janus Development Group are based on the connection between stuttering and the neurological coordination of speech. The SpeechEasy® has demonstrated a 80-90% success rate in the treatment of over 200 patients of all ages who suffer from fluency disorders, with levels of fluency enhancement varying from 50% improvement up to 95% improvement.    


  • Alterations of auditory feedback results in 80-90% stuttering reduction in 70-80% of the stuttering population.
  • Use of altered auditory feedback reduces stuttering irrespective of rate of speech; implying that people who stutter need not be asked to reduce their rate of speech to achieve fluency.
  • The fluency effect of altered auditory feedback is more robust and satisfactory (about 80-90%) than masking noise (about 40-50%).
  • Use of altered auditory feedback has been shown to be effective when speaking in front of an audience.
  • Use of altered auditory feedback has been shown to be effective when speaking on the telephone.
  • No significant differences in the effectiveness of altered auditory feedback when used either in the right or the left ear.
  • Use of altered auditory feedback in one ear has been found to reduce stuttering.
  • Initial clinical trials on the in-the-ear SpeechEasy® conducted at the Stuttering Research Laboratory, East Carolina University are very promising. Efficacy studies of the SpeechEasy® are being conducted by the Stuttering Research Laboratory.
  • Results indicate that fluency effects are generalized to a variety of speaking situations (speaking on the phone, giving lectures, ordering at a restaurant, social conversation, and many more).


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Mark Power, MA, CCC
Mark was a severe stutterer himself for years before going through the stutter-reduction Speech Program. Now he is a Board Recognized Specialist in Stuttering dedicated to helping people who stutter.

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